Terms of service

last revisision: 27-12-2009

IMPORTANT: This is a translation of the official Dutch version, provided only for your convenience. The Dutch version is the only binding version. In case of a dispute, the Dutch version is the leading version. You can find the most recent Dutch version here.


These terms of service (TOS) are applicable to the goods and services delivered by Networking.be (Cannaerts Networking), registered in the "kruispuntbank" with registrationnumber 0812.210.395. These terms are considdered accepted by the client when placing an order. Client terms or exceptions are not applicable unless explicit and written approval of these terms is given by Networking.be.

Duration and termination

For all products and services, an agreement of 1 year is made, unless specified otherwise. When the agreement reaches it's expiration date, it is extended with 1 year, unless either party has expressed the will to terminate the agreement using a registered letter, at least 1 month before the current agreement is set to expire. If the client violates the TOS, Networking.be reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend the agreement, without having to pay any compensation to the client. For products or services where the execution has started prior to the end of the legal grace period, the client does not have the right to revoke the purchase.

Prices and payment conditions

All prices listed in offers and quotes are valid for 14 days starting at the date the quote was made, unless specified otherwise. After this period, the client should request a new quote to make sure prices have not changed. Invoices are due withing 14 days after the incoive date. If a client contests an invoice, he must do this by registered letter, no later than 7 days after the invoice date.

In case of overdue payment, by law, an interest of 1% per started month will be charged, without any overdue notice. Networking.be will also charge an administrative fee of 25 EUR. Networking.be has the right to suspend or terminate the delivery of products and services until all outstanding overdue invoices have been paid. Any other cost made by Networking.be in order to force payment by the client, will also be charged to the client.

All prices are excluding 21% Belgian VAT, unless specified otherwise.

Additional terms regarding the registration of domainnames 

The registration of domainnamen is done in accordance to the relevant rules of the responsible organisations for the registration of domainnames under the top-level domains they are responsible for. The client agrees to these terms, and declares he was informed suffucient by Networking.be. Networking.be is only a mediator in the process of registering the domainname, and can't be held responsible for the registrations it performs for its clients. The client does not have the right to revoke the purchase.

Unauthorized use

The client may not use the products/services offered by Networking.be to commit violations on local or international law, or to cause damage to Networking.be, other clients or third parties. The client will not place any incrimination content (text, databases, files, music, hyperlinks, programs, ...) or references to such content on the systems provided by Networking.be. Using our services for warez (illegal software, music, movies, ...) spam or related causes is strictly forbidden and can lead to the immediate termination of the agreement by Networking.be. The client must immediatly comply to any requests of Networking.be to remove such content, and to any reasonable and founded request of a third party. If the client does not comply, Networking.be has the right to terminate or suspend the agreement or remove the infringing content, without prior notice and without having to pay the client any form of compensation. 


Networking.be is not responsible for direct of indirect damages as financial or commercial losses, loss of profit, data, clients, goodwill, ... due to technical problems, unless agreed otherwise. The liability will in no case exceed the amounts paid by the clients for the affected services, over a period of 3 months prior to the event.

Intellectual property

All rights of intellectual property of the products and services created by Networking.be, are property of Networking.be. The delivery of products or services by Networking.be does not give any transfer of such rights to the client, unless explicit and written agreement has been given by Networking.be.

Any rights on products and services owned by third parties but offered by Networking.be (eg. licenses), remain property of that third party.

Privacy policy

Networking.be collects personal information of the client, needed for executions of the agreements between Networking.be and the client. Networking.be will not share this information with third parties, unless explicit permission is granted by the client, or unless Networking.be would be obliged by law. If networking.be deems it appropriate, it can share relevant information with any legal instance.

Other terms

The Belgian law is applicable on all agreements between Networking.be and its clients. Disputes regarding these agreements can only by processed by the authorized courts in Turnhout. This agreement has been made between Networking.be and the client. Any rights and duties for the client can't be transfered as a whole nor as a part, to a third party, unless explicit and written approval is obtained by Networking.be. If the execution of the agreement or parts of the agreement becomes impossible for either party, the other parts of the agreement still remain in effect.